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Salt Lake City?

2014 Year-End
Ministry Report

As we have planted for the last 3 years in one of the least-churched cities in America, we have sensed the need for a strategic center to help us fulfill a church planting vision to reach a city and a state for Christ.

We need your help to finish raising funds to purchase a central hub for church planting in the heart of Salt Lake City that can facilitate…

Plant Camp, our week long student urban church planting immersions. We host 4 each summer for 150+ students.

Our 2-year church-planting internship program to train leaders and send them into ministry. We currently have 6 men in this program.

Enrich Conferences promoting healthy church ministry and planting in the Intermountain West. We have hosted 6 conferences.

Community Ministry Center for outreach and discipleship to allow us fulfill GGC core values.

Strategic location for Gospel Grace Church to thrive and multiply.

Partner with us in this endeavor

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